PhD position in ice core/radionuclide studies at Lund University

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PhD position in ice core/radionuclide studies at Lund University

Raimund Muscheler
A fully-funded PhD position in ice core/radionuclide studies at Lund University:

Long-term changes in solar activity inferred from ice core cosmogenic radionuclide records

The project ” Paleosun – the paleoperspective on the mechanisms behind the sun-climate link” aims to improve solar activity reconstructions using different geologic archives and to improve sun-climate studies with radionuclide and climate proxy measurements from the same archive. These studies will also enable us to obtain very accurate and precise time scales that are crucial for reliable paleoclimate studies. 

Cosmogenic radionuclide records reflect a combination of production and deposition processes (atmospheric circulation (10Be) and carbon cycle (14C)). Presently the different radionuclide records show disagreements regarding their long-term (millennial time scales) changes for reasons that are not understood. This leads to major uncertainties in reconstructions of past changes in solar activity.

This project will be based on 10Be measurements in ice samples from Antarctica covering the last 20000 years. The new record will be analysed in combination with existing 10Be data from ice cores and tree-ring 14C data. It will involve assessment of climate and geomagnetic field influences on radionuclide records and carbon cycle influences on 14C.

More information regarding qualifications and application procedure can be found here:

Raimund Muscheler, Prof.
Chair of Quaternary Sciences
Department of Geology
Lund University
Sölvegatan 12, S-223 62 Lund, Sweden

Phone: +46 46-2220454

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