PhD position in permafrost modeling at University of Oslo (Norway)

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PhD position in permafrost modeling at University of Oslo (Norway)

Sebastian Westermann

A PhD Research Fellowship in permafrost modeling is available at the Department of Geosciences at the University of Oslo, Norway ( The fellowship period is up to 4 years and the position entails a compulsory work load of 25% that may consist of teaching, supervision duties, and research assistance.

Outline: Many permafrost landscapes are characterized by a strong spatial heterogeneity, caused by spatially variable freeze-thaw processes and distribution of ice in the ground. Lateral fluxes of snow, water and heat define the thermal regime and stability, but also lead to thresholds and feedback mechanisms that can both delay or speed up permafrost thawing. The CryoGrid model ( can simulate such thaw phenomena, and the PhD candidate will extend the capacity of the model, working closely with the international team of developers. The targeted processes are especially related to the accumulation and ablation of ground ice (ice wedges, segregation ice, buried glacial ice) and organic matter. Therefore, the representation of mass fluxes on different timescales is a main priority for model development. 

Applications in both lowland and mountain permafrost areas are possible. The final direction of the PhD will be determined together with the candidate, taking her/his scientific background and research preferences into account.

Please read the full announcement here:

Applications must be sent through the online portal (apply button at the end of the webpage).  

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