PhD position in physical oceanography at the University of Bergen, Norway

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PhD position in physical oceanography at the University of Bergen, Norway

Marius Årthun
Dear colleagues,

We have an open 3-year PhD position in physical oceanography/climate
dynamics at the Geophysical Institute, University of Bergen, and
Bjerknes Centre for Climate Research.

The position is connected to the project PATHWAY - Pathways, processes,
and impacts of poleward ocean heat transport, funded by the Research
Council of Norway. The overall objective of PATHWAY is to understand the
transport of ocean heat with the Gulf Stream's extension toward the
Arctic, the interaction with the atmosphere above, and eventual
influence on continental climate variability. PATHWAY has a particular
focus on ocean heat transport through the Nordic Seas and what can be
resolved from the instrumental record to elucidate the relative roles of
advection, lateral mixing and atmospheric fluxes for the ocean heat
budget. PATHWAY will also assess to what extent and by which mechanisms
ocean temperature fluctuations are communicated between the subpolar
North Atlantic and Nordic Seas-Arctic.

We search for candidates with experience in and interest for ocean
circulation, air-sea interaction and climate dynamics, in particular in
the Arctic and Subarctic oceans. The successful candidate will be part
of an international team, involving scientist from Norway, UK, Germany,
and USA. Please see the advertisement below for additional details.

Thank you very much for sharing this information with potential candidates.

Best regards,
Marius Årthun
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