PhD position in quaternary geology and paleoclimate at University of Bergen - Shifting Climate States of the Polar Regions

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PhD position in quaternary geology and paleoclimate at University of Bergen - Shifting Climate States of the Polar Regions

Jostein Bakke
Research fellow (PhD candidate) in quaternary geology and palaeoclimate, University of Bergen

The Department of Earth Science has a vacancy for a 4-year position as research fellow (PhD candidate) in the field of quaternary geology and palaeoclimate. The position is part of the project group in the project Shifting Climate States of the Polar Regions “SHIFTS” which is financed by the Research Council in Norway.

The research will focus on Holocene climate change at high northern and high southern latitudes. The candidate will be part of a research group with focus on the use of lake sediments as an archive for reconstructing past climate changes. Special emphasis will be on the use of glacier systems as a palaeoclimatic archive.

The project “SHIFTS” intends to develop further an approach that will provide continuous Holocene data sets with high temporal resolution, using sedimentary records from distal glacier-fed lakes, analysing these with a suite of multi-proxy methods, and integrating the results with independent glacier chronologies using state-of-the-art methodology combined with novel dating techniques. By correlating events from high latitudes at both hemispheres, bi-polar seesaw effects can be detected. Through high-resolution climate reconstructions it is a goal to study the effect of polar amplification in a long-term perspective both through phases with cooling and with warming during the Holocene.

Applicants must have achieved a master’s degree or equivalent in earth science that is relevant to the PhD topic, or have submitted their master thesis for assessment by the application deadline. It is a prerequisite, however, that the formal admission requirements for the PhD programme are met before appointment can be made.

Candidates should have a background and research interest in quaternary geology, glacier geomorphology, lake sediments and related methods. Experience of wet-sediment laboratory procedures, operating of XRF-scanner, core-logger and associated software to process these data including knowledge of statistical tools would be an advantage. All applicants are expected to have good oral and written communication skills (in English). Practical skills in fieldwork/lake coring and ArcGis are also considered advantageous. The candidate is expected to take part in longer field trips in polar regions.

The research fellow must take part in the University's approved PhD programme leading to the degree within a time limit of 3 years. Application for admission to the PhD programme, including a project plan outline for the training module, will be worked out in collaboration with the supervisory committee.

In total, the fellowship period is 4 years. For positions with a 4-year duration 25 pct. of the period will be designated to teaching and/or administrative duties. The fellowship period may be reduced if the successful applicant has held previous employment as research fellow or similar.

For further information about the position please contact Associate Professor Jostein Bakke,
phone +47 55 58 35 03 / 55 58 36 00 or e-mail [hidden email]<mailto:[hidden email]>

To apply for the position see:

Best regards,
Jostein Bakke
Dr. Jostein Bakke
Associate Professor
Fulbright Arctic Chair 2011/12
Department of Earth Science/Bjerknes Centre for Climate Research
University of Bergen
Allégaten 41
N-5020 Bergen
Phone +47 555 83 503
Phone (mob)+47 992 73 343
Phone (mob-USA) +1 413 557 8311
E-mail: [hidden email]<mailto:[hidden email]>

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