PhD position on paleoclimate modelling, University of Geneva

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PhD position on paleoclimate modelling, University of Geneva

Maura Brunetti
1 PhD position available in an ongoing interdisciplinary research program on climate
reconstruction during the late Permian and Early Triassic
(Universities of Geneva, Zurich and Lausanne, Switzerland)

The goals of the interdisciplinary program is to investigate and model how global warming/cooling periods
driven by volcanism between 251 and 246 Ma affect the carbon cycle when the storage capacity of organic
carbon varies, in particular over continental shelves (see lay summary and more information at Initial and boundary conditions will be derived from geochemical proxies
(Prof. T. Vennemann and his team at University of Lausanne) and marine and terrestrial biodiversity and
ecological proxies (Prof. H. Bucher and his team at University of Zurich), that will be also used for validating
the General Circulation Model (GCM) sensitivity experiments. The temporal calibration of all environmental
change is achieved through high-precision dating of volcanic ash beds (Prof. U. Schaltegger and his team at
University of Geneva).

The offered PhD project covers the following topic:

PhD on climate modelling (University of Geneva): set-up of the coupled atmosphere-ocean-sea ice model
MITgcm, evaluation of its ability to simulate the Triassic-Permian climate changes, improvement of its physical
parameterizations in order to include full carbon cycle and coupling with ice-sheet dynamics, analysis of its
sensitivity to sea-level changes, close interaction with the other 5 PhD students within the interdisciplinary
program for constructing proper initial/boundary conditions based on geological data. Experience with highperformance
computing and with ocean, atmosphere or climate models is an asset.

The research team from the three universities presently comprises 5 PhD students and 5 researchers in
paleontology, geochemistry, geochronology, plate tectonic and climate modelling, funded by the Swiss National
Foundation for Scientific Research until November 2022. The successful candidate will be integrated in a
teaching program featuring different short courses on relevant topics within the frame of this interdisciplinary
research program.

We invite applicants with a MSc., Diploma, high-ranking BSc. (honors; 1st class or 2-1), and/or equivalent
degree in Physics or Earth Sciences. The candidates should have an aptitude for quickly learning new skills.
Fluency in speaking, reading and writing scientific English is required. Gross salary is 47-50 kCHF per year,
social charges and taxes amount to a maximum of 20%.

Applications (including a CV, a list of three referees, and a statement about motivation and career planning)
should be sent as soon as possible in one pdf file to Dr. Maura Brunetti ([hidden email]).

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