PhD project in ice/ocean interaction at Northumbria University (Newcastle, UK)

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PhD project in ice/ocean interaction at Northumbria University (Newcastle, UK)

Christopher Bull
Dear All,

I am advertising a fully-funded PhD project at Northumbria University (Newcastle upon Tyne, UK) under the OnePlanet Doctoral Training Partnership. The student will use high-resolution ocean modelling to understand the processes that control the melting of Antarctic ice-shelf cavities. <a href=",%20&#39;Revealing%20the%20role%20of%20eddies%20and%20buoyancy%20fluxes%20in%20projected%20regime%20shifts%20in%20the%20ocean%20circulation%20under%20Antarctica%E2%80%99s%20ice%20shelves&#39;.pdf" target="_blank">Full details are here. Application deadline: 18th January 2021

Please bring this opportunity to the attention of individuals (both UK and international) with a maths/physics/computing background that might be interested in the project. In addition, please consider whether a potential candidate from an under-represented group, within your professional network may benefit from extra encouragement to apply.

Potential candidates are very welcome to contact me ([hidden email]) with any questions about the project.

Christopher Bull
TiPACCs Ocean modeller
Northumbria University, Newcastle upon Tyne, UK

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