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PhD student - Arctic Primary Production University of Manitoba

POSTING: PhD STUDENT – Arctic Primary Production 
We are seeking a motivated student for a PhD thesis project starting January, 2020 to study physical and biological processes controlling surface primary production in icecovered waters of the Arctic. The project will be strongly focused on remote sensing techniques from both satellite (snow and sea ice) and in situ (surface primary production) sensors, the latter via transmitted hyperspectral irradiance measurements. The student is to be co-supervised by Drs. C.J. Mundy and J. Stroeve. The student's degree will be housed within the Centre for Earth Observation Science (, Department of Environment & Geography at the University of Manitoba, Winnipeg, Canada. The successful student will also become a member of the Arctic Science Partnership ( and ArcticNet ( providing national and international opportunities above and beyond a standard graduate degree. The successful candidate will have a MSc (or equivalent) degree in biological oceanography, marine optics, remote sensing, or related field. The studentship is fully funded over a 4-year period as part of the Canada 150 Chair and NSERC Discovery Grant programs. 

The Arctic marine ecosystem is largely driven by bottom-up dynamics, implying that changes to primary production will have implications on higher trophic levels. In the Arctic, primary producers have shown a response to climate-driven changes, where decreasing snow depth and ice thickness, earlier melt and later freeze-up are changing light availability both spatially and temporally. These changes are mainly expected to influence the phenology of marine primary producers, with maximum production influenced more by available nutrient concentrations. Unfortunately, we lack spatial and temporal observations of surface primary production in ice-covered oceans. This PhD studentship will seek to rectify this problem through development of new observation, and potentially modelling, techniques to estimate surface primary production as well as pertinent variables that drive both timing and magnitude of primary production in the Arctic Ocean. 

Initial applications should be sent directly to Drs. Mundy ([hidden email]) and Stroeve ([hidden email]) and include: two letters of academic reference; a copy of your University transcripts; a research statement (2-3 pages including references) briefly describing your previous research or experience and a short research proposal fitting the above thesis topic, touching on objectives/hypotheses, preferred methods, and scientific significance; and an English Language test score, such as TOEFL or IELTS, if you are an international student with English as a second language. For further information, please contact Dr. Mundy. Application deadline: Open until filled

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