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PhD student opening at University of Rochester

Petrenko, Vasilii-2
The Ice Core Lab at the University of Rochester has an opening for a PhD student. Our work uses ice cores from Greenland and Antarctica to study past environmental change, with the goal of better understanding the Earth’s natural climate system. We regularly conduct ice core drilling expeditions in the polar regions, working both in the extreme frozen interiors of the major ice sheets as well as on their picturesque margins. 

Some examples of the Ice Core Lab’s current and possible future research projects:

1)    Understanding past changes in atmospheric methane (a powerful greenhouse gas) during natural climate warming events

2)    Using carbon-14 produced by cosmic rays in glacial ice to understand past changes in cosmic ray bombardment intensity and related changes in solar activity

3)    Using ice core measurements of carbon monoxide and its isotopes to understand past changes in the chemical reactivity of the global atmosphere 

For more information, please contact Vasilii Petrenko, [hidden email]; Web: <>

Vasilii Petrenko
Associate Professor
Dept of Earth and Environmental Sciences
227 Hutchison Hall
University of Rochester
Rochester, NY 14627

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