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Physical oceanography post at BAS

Nicholls, Keith W.
Dear Colleagues

The British Antarctic Survey, based at Cambridge in the U.K., is currently seeking a physical oceanographer to undertake a three-year study aimed at furthering our understanding of the turbulent boundary layer beneath Antarctic ice shelves. This study will involve a visit to Antarctica as a member of a small team, leaving in October 2011 and returning in February 2012.

The boundary layer beneath two ice shelves that float in differing oceanographic regimes will be investigated using a range of instruments installed via a hot-water drilled hole. The appointee will assist with the data collection and be responsible for processing and analysing the field data.

The appointee will use the data to calibrate a suite of vertical mixing schemes that relate vertical heat and salt transport through the boundary layer to far field oceanographic variables, ultimately deriving parameterisations suitable for use in numerical models.

Full details can be found at

Please bring this to the attention of anyone who might be interested in, and appropriately qualified for the post.  Any enquires should be addressed to Keith Nicholls ([hidden email]).  The closing date for applications is 25th April 2011.

Best wishes

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