Please nominate your deserving colleagues for AGU Cryosphere Nye lecturer and Early Career Award

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Please nominate your deserving colleagues for AGU Cryosphere Nye lecturer and Early Career Award

Lora Koenig

Cryosphere Community,


The AGU Cryosphere Section Executive Committee reminds you that it is time to nominate your colleagues for the Cryosphere Early Career Award (10 years post-degree) and Nye lecturer.  Award nominations are due Sunday, April 15, 2018.  Instructionfor the nominations can be found below.  AGU encourages diversity across awards and requires nominees to abide by AGU’s Ethics Policy (


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Lora Koenig, Cryosphere Section President elect

Tavi Murray, Cryosphere Section President

Sinead Farrell, Cryosphere Section Secretary



Instructions for nominating the Cryosphere Early Career Award

Submissions for this award go through the AGU system.


Instructions for nominating the Nye Lecturer

Please send Nye Lecturer nomination packets directly to [hidden email] for review by the Awards Committee.



More detailed information:

Cryosphere Early Career Award


The Cryosphere Early Career Award is given annually to one honoree (no more than 10 years post-degree on 1 January of the year in which the award is to be presented) in recognition of significant early career contributions to cryospheric science and technology.

NOMINATION PACKAGE REQUIREMENTS (2 pages max for each item)

  • Nomination letter outlining the nominee’s significant contributions;
  • Nominee’s curriculum vitae;
  • At least one but no more than three copies of published peer-reviewed papers or published technical reports which illustrate the nominee’s contributions; and
  • Two additional letters of support – preferably on letterhead; diverse supporters are strongly recommended.
  • OPTIONAL: Nominee’s selected bibliography, which should begin by briefly stating the candidate’s total number and types of publications and specifying the number published in AGU publications 


Nye Lecture Criteria for Nominee Proposals

a.    The candidates history at producing relevant, cutting-edge science in any sub-discipline of cryosphere sciences research, as well as how the candidate’s prominent research would complement the Nye Lecture’s history

b.    The candidate’s merit as a prominent member of the cryosphere sciences community

c.    The candidate’s merit as an engaging, effective speaker to an audience of non-specialists.

Nominations should be limited to no more than 2 pages (with reasonable formatting choices) including the name, area of expertise, and potential lecture topics of the nominee. We actively encourage diversity in nationality, race, gender and career stage in nominees. Nominations may be submitted by a single individual or multiple individuals, but are limited to a single submission per individual per year. Nominations for the Nye Lecturer are to be submitted to Lora Koenig, ([hidden email]) before or on the posted deadline.




Lora Koenig

National Snow and Ice Data Center

University of Colorado

UCB 449, 1540 30th Street

Boulder CO 80303


[hidden email]


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