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David Carlson
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Open Access Opportunity for Polar Science

The open-access journals Polar Research (CoAction, and Earth System Science Data (Copernicus, announce a unique cooperative Special Issue.  Publish your science paper in PR and the related data set(s) in ESSD to provide integrated free and open access for colleagues and readers.  Please submit papers (to PR) and data (to ESSD) before 31 January 2013; a printed Special Issue will appear in 2014.  Each journal will follow normal per-review processes; acceptance for publication in one journal will not guarantee acceptance of the companion paper in the other journal.  Both journals provide on-line options and advanced indexing; neither journal charges a publication or service fee.  Send questions, expressions of interest, or requests for information to the Special Issue editors: Helle Goldman (PR, [hidden email]) and Dave Carlson (ESSD, [hidden email]).  Please consider participating in this bold open access opportunity for polar science.

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Thank you!

Dave Carlson

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