Polar 2018 Session: Data science for polar environments (SH-8)

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Polar 2018 Session: Data science for polar environments (SH-8)

David B. Reusch-2
Dear colleagues,

The abstract deadline for Polar 2018 (19-23 Jun, Davos) is just around the corner (Nov 1) and we would like to encourage you to submit to our session on "Data science for polar environments – discovery, rescue, and mining".

Session Number: SH-8 (Categories SH Social Sciences and Humanities & AC Atmosphere, Climate)

Session Description
This session brings together two communities who recover and interpret historic information, the users of environmental data and the community applying new data mining methodologies to that data. While observational data near the poles are still sparse, the quantity of data from historical records, satellite observations, reanalyses and climate models is growing constantly. To improve our understanding of the complete climate system, it will be critical to take full advantage of the recent data available and to link it to historical reference data.

Contributions on improving understanding and modelling of the Polar climate system through data rescue, data mining and machine learning methods are welcome. Studies that develop and implement new data‐mining methods for climate diagnosis in the atmosphere, ocean or cryosphere are encouraged, but submissions that integrate information from multiple components of the climate system are particularly welcome. Historic records are vital for a better understanding of changes in Polar environment such as climate, landscape, flora and fauna. Recent advances in image and data processing, digitizing, and crowd sourcing allow placing this information in a better spatio‐temporal context. Abstracts from historians, humanities and GIS researchers dealing with the recovery, visualization, and interpretation of information from indigenous narratives, log‐books, maps and diaries are welcome.

Ursula Rack ([hidden email]), Lead
Adrian McDonald ([hidden email])
Thomas Mote ([hidden email])
David B Reusch ([hidden email])
Petteri Uotila ([hidden email])
Clive Wilkinson ([hidden email])

Feel free to contact any of the above with questions about our session.

Full program details, deadlines, etc. may be found at http://www.polar2018.org/program.html.
Direct link for abstract submission: http://www.polar2018.org/abstracts.html

Best regards on behalf of the convenor team,
Dave Reusch
Associate Research Professor of Climatology
Dept of Earth and Environmental Science
New Mexico Tech, Socorro, NM 87801

Visiting Scholar
Dept of Earth and Space Sciences
329 Johnson Hall
University of Washington, Seattle, WA 98195

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