Polar Cities Circles of Sustainability Workshop - 18 June 2018, Davos

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Polar Cities Circles of Sustainability Workshop - 18 June 2018, Davos

Hanne Nielsen

 Polar Cities Circles of Sustainability Workshop


·      Monday, 18 June 2018

·      4pm – 6pm

·     POLAR2018, Davos

·     Room A Sertig 


"Antarctic Cities and the Global Commons," a research project currently funded by the Australian Research Council, is examining ways in which the five Antarctic 'gateway cities' might both re-imagine and intensify their relations to Antarctica and each other.


Workshops based on the 'circles of sustainability' method (www.circlesofsustainability.org) are being held in three of the cities (Hobart, Christchurch, Punta Arenas) to determine the both the sustainability and Antarctic 'connectedness' of each of these cities.


The advertised “Polar Cities” workshop, which will be held just prior to the POLAR2018 conference, is designed to scope the possibility of applying the same method to Arctic gateways. The circles of sustainability approach has been applied to cities all over world, and could offer a useful tool for exploring connections between the far south and the far north. 

We welcome anyone interested in exploring how we might progress this idea to note the date in your diary, and come along to discuss at this open meeting. All POLAR2018 side meetings, including this one, are listed here: www.polar2018.org/side-meetings-schedule.html
This event is open to all.

For more information, please contact Juan Francisco Salazar ([hidden email]); visit www.circlesofsustainability.org/projects/antarctic-cities/; or follow the project at www.twitter.com/AntarcticCities

Hanne Nielsen
PhD Candidate
University of Tasmania

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