Polar Computing RCN: Call for Workshop Partnership & Funds [15 Jan]

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Polar Computing RCN: Call for Workshop Partnership & Funds [15 Jan]

Allen Pope

The NSF funded Polar Computing Research Coordination Network (http://polar-computing.org) was tasked with analyzing opportunities and barrier in the uptake of high-performance & distributed computing in polar science. Specifically, the RCN was to:

  1. Address why the polar sciences are poorly represented in the use of HPDC cyberinfrastructure,

  2. Learn how the Polar Sciences were using and wished to use HPDC resources.

  3. Explore how to ensure that plans and design for new and existing NSF-funded cyberinfrastructure efforts are cognizant of the needs of the Polar Science community, and

  4. Understand how best to educate a new generation of polar scientists in the skills needed to realize the opportunities and potential of HPDC.

Having covered the core areas we proposed to NSF, we would like to engage and seek the broader community in determining the next areas of focus. We e would like to offer $15,000 to host a domestic event (must be hosted in the US for US participants)  to achieve these goals. We want to hear from YOU about how YOUR community could team up with the Polar Computing RCN to either expand or deepen our response to the charge detailed above.

Submit just a two-paragraph “proposal” to PI [hidden email] describing your community, your proposed event, and how you would use the available funds. Deadline for submission is 15 January 2018. More information on the RCN and past activities at http://polar-computing.org.


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