Polar Low Workshop 13-15 May 2020 in Moscow

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Polar Low Workshop 13-15 May 2020 in Moscow

Thomas Spengler-2
Dear colleagues,

We hereby announce the 15th Polar Lows Working Group (PLWG) meeting, which will take place 13-15 May 2020 in Moscow, Russia.
The workshop will focus on polar lows and mesocyclones as well as extreme mesoscale phenomena.

We greatly appreciate if you can share the announcement with your colleagues. We welcome abstract submissions by 20 December 2019 electronically
by mail to:
[hidden email] (with cc to Polina Verezemskaya: [hidden email])

The workshop will not have a registration fee! If you want to apply for early career scientist’s travel support, please mention this with your abstract submission.

If you have further question, please don’t hesitate and contact the organisation committee:
Sergey Gulev [hidden email]
Polina Verezemskaya [hidden email]
Natalia Tilinina [hidden email]
Thomas Spengler [hidden email]

Looking forward to seeing you in Moscow in May 2020!

Best wishes, 

Prof. Dr. Thomas Spengler
Geophysical Institute
University of Bergen
Postboks 7803
5020 Bergen

Phone: + 47 55 58 98 46
Mobile: + 47 93 81 67 24 
Fax: + 47 55 58 98 83
E-Mail: [hidden email]
Web: http://www.uib.no/persons/Thomas.Spengler

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