Polar Marine Science Gordon Conference in Ventura, CA March 2011

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Polar Marine Science Gordon Conference in Ventura, CA March 2011

Save the date!  

The next Gordon Research Conference on Polar Marine Science will be March 20-25, 2011 in Ventura, California, USA.  

The theme for the conference is Exploring Complex Systems in Polar Marine Science.  


March 20-25, 2011
Four Points Sheraton / Holiday Inn Express
Ventura, CA


Planned sessions include:  Polar system complexity and climate change; Polar atmospheric circulation, sea ice, and climate; Ocean mixing, circulation, and links to global climate; Biogeochemical complexity in ice and seawater; Methane hydrates - nonlinear links between carbon and climate; Carbon fluxes and the biological pump as integrators of complexity; Genomic and proteomic illustrations of biocomplexity; Do higher trophic levels integrate or add complexity?; Moving forward from here: improving our observations of polar complexity.  


For the first time, this GRC will be preceded by the new Polar Marine Science Gordon-Kenan Research Seminar on Contributing to the Understanding of Complex Polar Marine Systems.  The GRS is a special Saturday-Sunday session (March 19-20) for early career scientists.  Students participating in the GRS are eligible for funding to attend the GRC.


Don’t miss the opportunity to be a part of this great tradition!  Applications are due no later than February 27, 2011, but the application process is currently open.  Submit your application and abstract soon to have the greatest impact on the meeting.   


For more information, please visit our websites.

Polar Marine Science Gordon Research Conference website:

Polar Marine Science Gordon-Kenan Research Seminar website:



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