Polar Meteorology and Climate and their links to the rapidly changing Cryosphere- Session CR7.1/AS1 @vEGU21

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Polar Meteorology and Climate and their links to the rapidly changing Cryosphere- Session CR7.1/AS1 @vEGU21

Diana Francis-2

Dear colleagues,


Few days left before the closing date of abstract submission to the vEGU 2021; 13 January 2021.


In case you have been investigating 'Polar meteorology and climate and their links to the rapidly changing Cryosphere', you are warmly invited to submit an abstract to this session:



The session aims at showcasing recent research progress and augmenting existing knowledge in polar meteorology and climate and the atmosphere-land ice-sea ice coupling in both the Northern and Southern Hemispheres. It will provide a setting to foster discussion and help identify gaps, tools, and studies that can be designed to address these open questions. It is also the opportunity to convey newly acquired knowledge to the community.


We invite contributions on all observational and numerical modelling aspects of Arctic and Antarctic meteorology and climatology, that address atmospheric interactions with the cryosphere.

This may include but is not limited to studies on past, present and future of:

- Atmospheric processes that influence sea-ice (snow on sea ice, sea ice melt, polynya formation and sea ice production and transport) and associated feedbacks,

- The variability of the polar large-scale atmospheric circulation (such as polar jets, the circumpolar trough and storm tracks) and impact on the cryosphere (sea ice and land ice),

- Atmosphere-ice interactions triggered by synoptic and meso-scale weather phenomena such as cold air outbreaks, katabatic winds, extratropical cyclones, polar cyclones, atmospheric rivers, Foehn winds and heatwaves,

- Role of clouds in polar climate and impact on the land ice and sea ice through interactions with radiation,

- Teleconnections and climate indices and their role in land ice/sea ice variability.

Presentations including new observational (ground and satellite-based) and modelling methodologies specific to polar regions are encouraged. Contributions related to results from recent field campaigns in the Arctic and in the Southern Ocean/Antarctica are also welcomed.


Looking forward to receive your abstracts!


Best wishes for 2021!


The session conveners;

Diana Francis; Amélie Kirchgaessner, Michiel van den Broeke and Till Wagner.





Dr. Diana Francis

Senior Scientist,

ENGEOS Lab Head.

Khalifa University, UAE.

[hidden email]


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