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Position Available: Education Outreach and Engagement

Ellen Mosley-Thompson



Please circulate this announcement of an open position at the Byrd Polar Research Center (BPRC), The Ohio State University, Columbus, Ohio USA.


To facilitate distribution the announcement is copied below, attached as a pdf and available at this link.



Thank you very much,

Ellen Mosley-Thompson, Director, BPRC



Senior Research Associate position available at the OSU Byrd Polar Research Center


Job description:  Coordinate the Education and Outreach (E & O) Program at the Byrd Polar Research Center (BPRC). The mission of the E &O Program is to enhance the knowledge and awareness of Earth sciences for learners of all ages through the development of quality educational materials and programs. This entails assisting BPRC scientists with the design and implementation of novel, effective and/or appropriate mechanisms by which their research may be shared with the public and professional educators. Development of successful proposals to federal agencies and private foundations is essential for the continuation and enhancement of BPRC’s E & O Program. Collaboration with formal and informal educators is critical for gaining and sharing ideas and strategies for information dissemination and for planning events or projects. Other duties include supervising a graduate research assistant and assisting with tours of BPRC and classroom visits, as needed. The Education and Outreach Coordinator will oversee the development of new online resources that bring BPRC science to the public and support the network of educators who are interested in utilizing the continuous stream of scientific advancements by BPRC researchers. 


Working Title: BPRC Education and Outreach Coordinator

 Regular; Full-Time; 12/12 months

Target/Hiring Range:  $50,000

OSU Position Number: 00079813

OSU Position Title:  Senior Research Associate


Minimum Education Requirement: Doctoral Degree or equivalent education/experience; ideally an advanced degree in education with (minimally) an undergraduate degree in physical sciences.


The ideal candidate will have a combination of a number of the following skills or experiences:  excellent written and oral communications skills (ability to write and edit, communicate with the public, and to supervise grad students); experience in a physical science research capacity with published scientific results; experience with curriculum and assessment (goals/outcomes/standards) and in designing, implementing, and evaluating educational programs (formal or informal education); experience in event coordination and delivery, and outreach education to many audiences (K-12, informal education, and the general public); demonstrated ability in grant-writing; proficiency with computers and common software packages (Word, Excel, Outlook, PowerPoint, Skype, WebEx, Internet browsers, etc.); familiarity with Responsible Research Practices (Human Subjects Review); knowledge of recent and current educational reform efforts; a strong network of educators and resource providers; ability to organize and utilize a variety of information resources (print, digital, media, and human); flexibility with work time (occasional evening or weekend commitments may be required); and excellent time management and task prioritization. 


This position requires successful completion of a background check. 


Applications for OSU Position Number 00079813 will be accepted between January, 14th and February 19th 2012at https://www.jobsatosu.com/.  The position will remain open until filled.


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Position description BPRC Education Outreach and Engagement.pdf (15K) Download Attachment