Position available: Staff Scientist / Satellite Data Expert, UAF, Fairbanks, Alaska

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Position available: Staff Scientist / Satellite Data Expert, UAF, Fairbanks, Alaska

Jessie Cherry
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Title:  Satellite Data Liaison - Earth Processes
Classification:  IS Professional 3
Employment Type:  Staff
Location:  Fairbanks, Alaska
Salary: Grade 81, starting minimum $54,413


Posting Number:  0058877
Review Date:  04-14-2010 (Open until filled)

Job Posting Summary
This position is the primary liaison for satellite data sharing
between UAF and NOAA under a joint program within the Cooperative
Institute For Arctic Research (CIFAR).

The University of Alaska Fairbanks Geographic Information Network of
Alaska (GINA - www.gina.alaska.edu) performs a variety of satellite
and geospatial data services in support of Alaskan and Arctic research
and operations. GINA operates two satellite ground receiving stations
and has a direct data connection to NOAA's primary polar orbiting
satellite reception facility, the NOAA-NESDIS Fairbanks Command and
Data Acquisition Station. GINA manages the State of Alaska's high
resolution imagery and elevation model archives
(www.alaskamapped.org). GINA provides real-time data services to the
NOAA National Weather Service, Alaska Fire Service, Alaska Volcano
Observatory, Air Force Weather Agency, and to many scientists in
support of field research operations. GINA is working with NOAA and
academic staff and scientists helping to develop the next generation
of GOES and polar orbiting satellite algorithms and applications. This
data liaison position will work with both researchers and operators,
such as forecasters and emergency responders, providing satellite data
products and supporting geospatial and satellite data applications.

Knowledge, skills and abilities required for this position.
- Atmospheric science: a knowledge of the physics and processes of the
- Satellite data processing: ability to process NOAA, NASA, and AFWA
satellite data and imagery and derive atmospheric products.
- Satellite and meteorological data distribution methods and software
such as Unidata LDM.
- Prior exposure the basics of weather forecasting in an operational
- Prior exposure to oceans and terrestrial processes data processing
and applications.
- Ability to use satellite data to derive products used in higher
level applications such as weather, oceans, hydrologic, or hazards
- A strong foundation of knowledge in atmospheric science principles
is required.

Education required.
Bachelors Degree in physical science. Course work must include both
atmospheric science and satellite data classes.

Length of time and type of experience required for this position.
One year of experience working with atmospheric and satellite data.
Experience may be acquired through internship or project work
concurrent with education.

Preferred knowledge, skills or abilities for this position.  
- Masters Degree or PhD preferred.
- Experience working in or with a National Weather Service office.
- Experience with oceans data processing and applications.
- Experience with terrestrial processes data processing and applications.
- Experience with satellite data reception.
- SeaSpace software experience.
- NWS AWiPs software experience.

Application information is available at:

For additional information, contact:
Tom Heinrichs
University of Alaska Fairbanks
Geographic Information Network of Alaska
[hidden email]

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