Post Doctoral Fellow in Cold Regions Hydrological Modelling

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Post Doctoral Fellow in Cold Regions Hydrological Modelling

Marsh,Philip [NHRC]
Post Doctoral Fellow in Cold Regions Hydrological Modelling

Post Doctoral Fellow in Cold Regions Hydrological Modelling:

Environment Canada’s National Hydrology Research Centre in Saskatoon, Canada, is seeking a Post Doctoral Fellow. Details include:

Project Objectives:

This research project will test and develop a hydrologic model in order to consider hazards to oil or gas pipelines, and to minimize environmental impacts of pipelines, in key northern environments, including in the Inuvik, NWT and Whitehorse, Yukon areas. Research will focus on testing and improving a physically based hydrologic model, in order to improve our ability to predict:

(1) discharge from river basins, with an emphasis on extreme events,

(2) snowcover distribution,

(3) soil freezing and melting over spatially heterogeneous terrain, and

(4) the effect of future climate change scenarios on hydrology.


- Ph.D. in hydrology, with experience in

- physically based modelling

- analyzing large data sets

- cold regions hydrological processes - snow accumulation and melt, permafrost, etc.

- writing scientific papers, and presenting results at scientific meetings

- data sets from atmospheric models, such as re-analysis products, would be an asset.

- Excellent coding skills and interpersonal skills are essential

Duties of the successful candidate:

The successful candidate would be responsible for:

(1) developing the required data base to drive the model. Data is available in NHRC data sets (approx. 20 years of data), as well as data housed elsewhere, including Environment Canada's operational data sets (Water Survey of Canada and Meteorological Service of Canada) and University data sets,

(2) testing the hydrologic model for Trail Valley and Havikpak Creeks near Inuvik, NWT,

(3) analyzing the resulting model output, with an emphasis on extreme events,

(4) modifying, in consultation with the model developer, the model as needed, and

(5) participating in the writing of reports and papers stemming from this research project.

In the first year, the project will concentrate on model testing and improvement.

Subsequent years will consider

(1) transferability of GEOtop to other basins,

(2) utility of using atmospheric model re-analysis products, and

(3) consideration of the impact of future climate scenarios on the hydrology of these northern regions.

Duration of Position: 1 year, with possible extension.

Salary: follows Natural Sciences and Engineering Council of Canada salary guidelines for Visiting Fellow at a Federal Govt. Laboratory

Starting Date: September 1, 2011 or earlier


Philip Marsh

Environment Canada

National Hydrology Research Centre

Saskatoon, SK, Canada

[hidden email]

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