Post-Doctoral Fellowship in Ice Core Climatology at GNS Science, New Zealand

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Post-Doctoral Fellowship in Ice Core Climatology at GNS Science, New Zealand

Nancy Bertler

Three-Year Post-Doctoral Fellowship in Ice Core Climatology at GNS Science, New Zealand

GNS Science is seeking a scientist experienced in the analysis and interpretation of ice cores. The successful applicant will be part of our Global Change Through Time Programme working on the Roosevelt Island Climate Evolution (RICE) ice core project. RICE ( is a New Zealand led, 9-nation collaboration which focuses on past, current and future sea level contributions from the West Antarctic Ice Sheet. An important focus for this role will be the development the annually resolved Holocene major ion record to reconstruct environmental conditions and ice/ocean/atmosphere interactions during a time period of extensive Ross Ice Shelf grounding line retreat. An important focus will be the analyses of ice core samples at our National Ice Core Research Facility, and the integration of the RICE data with existing ice cores and records from New Zealand and the Southern Ocean. Our laboratory uses state-of-the-art continuous flow and discrete analytical methods and we work closely with earth system and ice sheet modellers to improve modelling skill and help constrain future projections.

Suitably qualified candidates are expected to have a PhD in earth sciences or a closely related discipline. Preferred applicants would have post graduate experience undertaking such research in collaborative teams particularly producing and interpreting geochemical and isotopic ice core records.

The demonstrated ability to identify, lead or contribute to funding applications and to publish research results through lead authoring or co-authoring scientific publications, paper or reports is desirable.

How to apply: Applications close on Monday 28 July 2019. To be considered candidates must submit their application through the Science New Zealand site (,33745.html)


For more information please contact Associate Prof. Nancy Bertler ([hidden email]; [hidden email];




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