Post-doc Numerical Modeling of Permafrost Carbon U. Colorado Boulder

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Post-doc Numerical Modeling of Permafrost Carbon U. Colorado Boulder

The Post Doctoral Associate (Post Doc) will perform cutting-edge research into modeling the global terrestrial carbon cycle, with a strong emphasis on the strength, timing, and uncertainty of the Permafrost Carbon Feedback. The Permafrost Carbon Feedback is the amplification of surface warming due to the thaw, decay, and ultimate release into the atmosphere of carbon currently frozen in the Arctic permafrost. The Post Doc will perform multiple regional and global simulations on the University of Colorado supercomputer in support of several multi-model comparison projects. The simulations include paleoclimate reconstructions, evaluations of current conditions, and projections driven by IPCC scenarios. The Post doc will develop and improve model capabilities including, but not limited to methane production in wetlands, dynamic vegetation, dissolved organic carbon, carbon isotopes, snow processes, and permafrost dynamics. The postdoc will develop benchmarks to evaluate model performance and incorporate them into International Land Model Benchmarking (ILAMB). The Post Doc will work with multiple projects, including the Arctic Boreal Vulnerability Experiment (ABoVE), the Permafrost Carbon Network (PCN), Multi-Scale Synthesis and Terrestrial Model Inter-comparison Project, and Paleo-Ecological Observatory Network (PalEON). The Post Doc will write papers documenting research results, present results at meetings, help write research proposals, and participate in various working groups involving the broader scientific community. This position is a three-year appointment. The Post Doc reports to the project Principal Investigator. 


The Post Doc duties include:

Running multiple simulations on the CU supercomputer

Developing new model capabilities 

Developing benchmarks to evaluate model performance

Writing scientific papers and proposals

The successful applicant will engage the broader scientific community by presenting results at conferences and participating in working groups focusing on improving land surface models. The Post Doc will participate in and help write new research proposals to expand their research beyond the three-year term of this position.



Completed Ph.D. in atmospheric science, biogeochemistry, ecology, or related field

Experience working with land surface models

Background in either biogeochemistry, permafrost, or land surface modeling

Excellent oral and written communications skills

    Programming experience, preferably using Fortran and Python Experience with Unix or Linux

Application Materials Required:Cover Letter, Resume/CV, Reference Letters (Not Confidential), Unofficial transcript(s)

If interested  Email [hidden email] for details.

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