Post-doctoral position in snow remote sensing at BSU

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Post-doctoral position in snow remote sensing at BSU

Hp Marshall
Boise State University invites applications for a 2-year Post-doctoral position in remote sensing of snow.  The project will involve working towards improving snow water equivalent estimates from microwave radar, leveraging new ground-based microwave radar technology.  The successful applicant will join a team of geophysicists and hydrologists within the Geosciences Department and the Center for Geophysical Investigation of the Shallow Subsurface (CGISS) at BSU.

The position will involve leading ongoing intensive field campaigns for calibration and validation of airborne and satellite remote sensing, and season-long operation of continuous radar systems in both Idaho and Colorado.  Extensive fieldwork in Alaska and Greenland may also be required.  The processing and analysis of radar data collected during these campaigns, as well as large existing databases from previous field campaigns (CLPX-II, CryoSAT cal/val) will form a major portion of the work, along with comparison of ground-based radar measurements with radar from air and space-borne platforms in collaboration with scientists from NASA JPL, USFS, and USDA.  Resulting high-resolution spatial and temporal SWE estimates and radar backscatter will be used to calibrate snow distribution models, test radar retrieval algorithms, and for the design of optimal minmal sampling strategies for future field campaigns.

A Ph.D. in Geophysics, Engineering, Applied Math, Physics, or quantitative Geosciences is necessary, and the applicant should be proficient in data analysis, programming, both Linux and PC operating systems, and signal processing.  Experience with ground penetrating radar and microwave remote sensing a big plus.  Due to the large amount of field work involved in this position, the applicant must be proficient in some form of backcountry travel, and have basic avalanche and wilderness first aid skills.  The post-doc will lead field crews of many undergraduate and graduate research assistants, and will help advise many ongoing and future student theses on related snow projects, therefore strong leadership skills are highly desired. 

Interested applicants should send a statement of research interests, CV, recent papers, and 3 letters of recomendation to H.P. Marshall ([hidden email]).  Expected start date is
October 1. 

Hans-Peter Marshall, Assistant Professor
Center for Geophysical Investigation of the Shallow Subsurface
Department of Geosciences, Boise State University
1910 University Dr., MG206E
Boise, ID 83725-1536
[hidden email]
(208) 426-1416 (o)
(208) 806-1476 (gv)

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