Postdoc at U. Arizona - geophysics and climate

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Postdoc at U. Arizona - geophysics and climate

Chris Harig
Hi All,

The University of Arizona, Dept. of Geosciences, is advertising a post-doc position in my group, in the areas of geodynamics/geodesy. Applicants with backgrounds in seismology, climate science, applied math, or other areas of geophysics and related fields will also be considered. 
Possible projects involve analyzing gravity field data, modeling geodynamic processes with numerical codes, and analyzing climate data related to ice sheets such as temperature data or sea level records. 
The UA Dept. of Geosciences is one of the top rated geosciences departments internationally, with a collaborative and collegial group of researchers. The University is located in Tucson, in the geologically and ecologically diverse Sonoran desert.

Please share this announcement with candidates that you think might be interested. More details are included at the official announcement/posting at: More than one hire is likely. Applications are being reviewed on a rolling basis.

Please send informal inquiries to [hidden email]

Chris Harig

Dr. Christopher Harig
Assistant Professor
Department of Geosciences
University of Arizona

Email: [hidden email]
Office: GS 507

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