Postdoc in climate-ice sheet modelling and extreme sea level rise

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Postdoc in climate-ice sheet modelling and extreme sea level rise

Lauren Gregoire

Are you an ambitious climate and/or ice sheet modeller looking for your next challenge? Do you want to work with world leaders in glaciology and artificial intelligence to tackle future sea level rise? Do you want to further your career in one of the UK’s leading research-intensive Universities?


We’re recruiting a Research Fellow in modelling climate-ice sheet interactions at the University of Leeds, UK, for at least 2.5 years to join a team of climate scientists, glaciologists and statisticians as part of the prestigious 7-year UKRI Future Leaders Fellowship project “Constraining projections of ice sheet instabilities and future sea level rise”. The ambitious and exciting aim of the project is to provide robust estimates of ‘worst case’ future sea level rise using information from past events when ice sheets became unstable.


The closing date for application is the 14th of July and full details are here:


Dr Lauren J. Gregoire

UKRI Future Leaders Fellow

Lecturer in Earth System Modelling

School of Earth and Environment

University of Leeds, Leeds, LS2 9JT


Priestley building, Room 10.17

Tel: (+44)0113 34 34945




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