Postdoc opportunity in time-variable gravity at NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory

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Postdoc opportunity in time-variable gravity at NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory

Gardner, Alex S (329A)
The Jet Propulsion Laboratory invites applications for a postdoctoral research position in time-variable gravity

The successful candidate will use geodetic tools and observations such as time-variable gravity (e.g. GRACE and GRACE-FO), GPS, and satellite radar and laser altimetry in combination with geophysical models to improve understanding of mass transport (e.g., ice and glacier melt, sea level change, etc.) processes within the Earth system. The candidate will maximize scientific understanding through the creation of new data products (implementing novel data processing schemes), joint inversion/combination of multiple geodetic data types, and scientific analyses of the resulting products. Mass transport is an essential climate variable, providing a quantitative measure of ocean mass changes, ice mass changes, and terrestrial hydrology changes due to both anthropogenic and natural forcing. Ultimately, the results of this work will enable improved understanding of how the Earth responds to climate variations, aiding in improved projections of future changes. The candidate will collaborate closely with a diverse group of scientists across JPL, especially in the Sea Level and Ice, Terrestrial Hydrology, and Earth Surface and Interior Groups. There is significant opportunity for the candidate to use creativity and innovation to self-guide and lead the research efforts under the guiding principles of the project. 

For further details please see full posting <<a href=";a&#43;Friend&amp;iiese=CYo9e42j2pbv4ABZjNZUC182U9cAy4EMBLGrJhWUeqO10GHWiwEGPJFm7%2F%2ByZznm&amp;iiesn=%2FYuZoQdjKYtg1HiFUI97SCBDc7w5tj7cpPea%2Fjo9e%2Fg%3D" class="">here>

Alex Gardner & David Wiese

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