Postdoc position on remote sensing of mountain glaciers at IMAU - Utrecht University

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Postdoc position on remote sensing of mountain glaciers at IMAU - Utrecht University

Wouters, B. (Bert)

Dear Cryolistees,

We have a vacancy for an up to 3-yr postdoc position at the Institute for Marine and Atmospheric research Utrecht (Utrecht University):

For the NWO-funded VIDI project ‘Disentangling ice loss of mountain glaciers and ice caps’, we are looking for a postdoc who will improve our understanding of the contribution of ice dynamics to the mass balance of mountain glaciers by exploiting the ever growing availability of high-resolution remote sensing data and regional climate model SMB output, and recent improvements in glacier thickness estimates. Possible data sources may include (but are not limited to) CryoSat-2, ICESat-2 and ArcticDEM elevation data to identify grounding line locations of outlet glaciers; Sentinel-1 and other SAR satellites to monitor changes in ice flow velocities and calving front location; dynamically downscaled SMB data from RACMO2 and regional climate models; and thickness estimates from the ice thickness models intercomparison experiment (ITMIX). Your results will be combined with estimates of the total mass change of the mountain glaciers developed by a colleague in the project to further partition the contribution of SMB and ice dynamics.

A full description can be found here:

Deadline for applications is 15 November

Feel free to forward this vacancy to interested colleagues or PhD students close to finishing their thesis.

Kind regards, 
Bert Wouters

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