Postdoc positions at Michigan State University

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Postdoc positions at Michigan State University

Freymueller, Jeffrey

I am looking to hire two new postdoc positions at Michigan State University in the general fields of cryospheric change, GIA, surface loading and sea level. Funding is in hand for 1-2 years for these positions. Applicants with experience in modeling GIA and loading deformation would be ideal. For one position, an applicant with specific experience in glaciology specifically would be preferred, as we need to construct a better glacial load history from glacial extent maps and other information.

We offer a competitive salary and relocation expenses, and the chance to join an active and dynamic research group!


Please contact me at [hidden email].




Dr. Jeffrey T. Freymueller

Thomas A. Vogel Endowed Chair for Geology of the Solid Earth

Dept. of Earth and Environmental Sciences

Michigan State University







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