Postdoctoral Fellowship in Soil Microbiology at CRREL

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Postdoctoral Fellowship in Soil Microbiology at CRREL

The Soil Microbiology Team at the Cold Regions Research and Engineering Laboratory (CRREL) in Hanover, NH is seeking a highly-motivated candidate for a postdoctoral position to join a vibrant, interdisciplinary research team investigating the distribution and function of microorganisms in soil, permafrost, and snow.  We are a highly collaborative team that studies the ecology of microbial communities in cold regions, relating to permafrost thaw, life under frozen conditions, terrestrial bioelectric signaling, and bioremediation.  We seek a postdoctoral researcher with expertise in computational biology or bioinformatics to join our team to develop pipelines for interrogating complex environmental microbiology datasets and contribute to peer-reviewed publications.  

Using a range of environmental samples from frozen soils to snow, the candidate will have the opportunity to analyze complex datasets such as amplicon and shot gun sequencing datasets, as well as protein datasets.  Prior experience with next-generation sequencing (genomics, transcriptomics, proteomics, etc), bioinformatics, large data sets and statistical analysis of microbial processes is essential.  A strong interest and skills in modeling biology is desirable.  

Candidates should exhibit a strong ability to collaborate with an interdisciplinary team.  A PhD in computational biology, bioinformatics, microbiology, ecology, or environmental science is required. Knowledge and experience in the analysis of high-throughput biological data is required. Prior experience programming is required.  Understanding of soil biochemical concepts and their dependency on soil conditions is desired. Strong organizational, as well as oral and written communications skills should be demonstrated.  

Salary Range:
Postdoctoral Researcher at $58,562 - $91,255 per year, commensurate with experience
The initial appointment will be for a one-year period, but may be extended contingent on progress and sufficient funding.  Telework from a separate location from CRREL will be considered.

To apply, please submit a cover letter describing research experience and goals, curriculum vitae, and names and contact information of three references to:

Robyn A. Barbato, PhD
Research Microbiologist
Cold Regions Research and Engineering Laboratory
72 Lyme Road Hanover, NH 03755
[hidden email]

***The position is open until filled, and review of applications will begin on 2 October 2020***

About ERDC/CRREL:  The Cold Regions Research and Engineering Laboratory (CRREL) is a United States Army Corps of Engineers, Engineer Research and Development Center research facility headquartered in Hanover, New Hampshire, that provides scientific and engineering support to the U.S. government and its military with a core emphasis on cold environments. CRREL also provides technical support to non-government customers.
CRREL arose from a consolidation of three antecedent organizations whose purpose was to understand frozen ground, permafrost, snow and ice as factors which were important in strategic northern areas during the Cold War. In its first 25 years CRREL researchers contributed to the understanding of polar ice caps, permafrost, and the engineering technology for developing natural resources in cold climates, such as Alaska. More recently, CRREL researchers have made contributions to science in climate change, the understanding of wave propagation for sensor systems, the control of snow on structures and ice in navigable waterways, and the environmental remediation of military installations.
 Location:  Hanover, New Hampshire.  For additional information about Hanover, please visit the Hanover Chamber of Commerce website at

Robyn A. Barbato, PhD
Soil Microbiologist
US Army ERDC Cold Regions Research and Engineering Laboratory
72 Lyme Road
Hanover NH 03755
O: +1-603-646-4388
C: +1-603-359-4422
[hidden email]

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