Postdoctoral Research Fellowship in Cryospheric/Hydrologic Modeling

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Postdoctoral Research Fellowship in Cryospheric/Hydrologic Modeling

John F Burkhart-2
Innovation Postdoctoral Research Fellowship in Hydrologic Modeling

A position as Postdoctoral Research Fellow is available at  The
Department of Geosciences. The appointment is a fulltime position and is
made for a period of four years of which 75 % is research, with 25%
compulsory work toward innovation. Together with Statkraft AS, we have
been developing a new hydrologic modeling framework. The framework,
known as “Shyft” is available on github, licensed under under LGPL V.3.
The current position is part of an innovation initiative to establish
products using the framework and the candidate will have collaboration
opportunities to pursue innovation development.

An emphasis will be placed on the development and improved
implementation of snow pack algorithms. The ideal candidate will work
to: (i) Explore spatial relations of snowpack microphysical properties,
(ii) Develop stochastic parameterizations of snowpack heterogeneities
appropriate to incorporate into a stochastic layering scheme, (iii)
Implement a hybrid snowpack model with stochastic representation of
layer microphysics which enables assimilation of the tomographic
observations from UiO’s newly develop imaging radar. The new method will
be integrated into Shyft, which is now in use operationally at Statkraft
for distributed hydrologic modeling.

For more information:


John F. Burkhart, PhD.
Associate Professor
Department of Geosciences
University of Oslo

office: +47 2285 6243
mobile: +47 9682 5011
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