Postdoctoral fellowships at CNRM (France)

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Postdoctoral fellowships at CNRM (France)

Dear all,

In the attached documents you will find 3 postdoc position offers to
work at CNRM-GAME, Toulouse (southern France).

Postdoc #1: Coupling an ice sheet model to an earth system model - 16 months
Postdoc #2: sea ice decadal prediction - 18 months
Postdoc #3: sea ice and snow modelling - 17 months

Best regards,
David Salas y Mélia

   David SALAS Y MELIA............. Tel : +33 (0)561 07 96 65
   CNRM/GMGEC/ASTER................ Fax : +33 (0)561 07 96 10
   42, avenue Gaspard Coriolis..... Mailto : [hidden email]
   31057 TOULOUSE Cedex, FRANCE
   Internet Meteo-France...........

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postdoc_MF-CNRM_icesheets.doc (40K) Download Attachment
postdoc_MF-CNRM_decadal.doc (43K) Download Attachment
postdoc_MF-CNRM_seaice.doc (40K) Download Attachment