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Postdoctoral position, University of Alaska

Regine Hock
Postdoctoral position in glaciology
Geophysical Institute, University of Alaska, Fairbanks

We are seeking a postdoctoral researcher to work on a glacier mass balance project on the South Shetland Islands and Antarctic Peninsula. The 2-year project involves developing and applying methods to estimate glacier mass balance by combining surface mass balance information and modeling, glacier geometry and ice dynamics from repeat SAR observations in an inverse approach. The methods will be applied to three selected test sites to determine the current glacier mass budget.

The successful candidate will have experience in glacier modeling, programing and/ or remote sensing and GIS. He/she will work as part of a team applying similar methods to Alaskan glaciers. The work will also be performed in close collaboration with collaborators from various institutes abroad. This position will start at the earliest of May 1, 2011. The position requires a PhD degree in a relevant discipline conferred by start date.

For further information and application details see:

or contact:
Matthias Braun ([hidden email])
Regine Hock ([hidden email])

Regine Hock
Geophysical Institute
University of Alaska
903 Koyukuk Dr.
Fairbanks, Alaska 99775-7320
ph: 907 - 4747691
fax: 907 - 474 7290
[hidden email]

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