Postdoctoral position (geomorphology with cosmogenic radionuclides) at Korea University

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Postdoctoral position (geomorphology with cosmogenic radionuclides) at Korea University

성영배 (Seong, Yeong Bae)


Postdoctoral position (geomorphology with cosmogenic radionuclides) at Korea University


The department of Geography of Korea University invites applications for a post doctoral research position in the field of geomorphology using cosmogenic radionuclides. The successful candidate will join in a dynamic group of geomorphologists working on Quaternary/Glacial, Tectonic, and Process/Modeling Geomorphology, which cover spatially in and surrounding Korea, Himalaya-Tibet (including central Asia), and Antarctica (with Korea Polar Research Institute). The group is and will be actively collaborating with 5MV AMS facility to be set up on the coming May of 2012 at the Korea Institute of Science and Technology (KIST: Drs. Song, J.H. and Yu, B.Y.).


The main duty of the position is under the supervision of the P.I. (Dr. Seong, Y.B.) to set up a new lines of cosmogenic radionuclides (specifically, In-situ 14C and 36Cl) with the collaboration of KIST AMS facility. Thus, we would seek the candidates with expertise in cosmogenic nuclides or geochemistry or chemistry for the study of Earth Sciences (but is widely open to any scientists with enthusiasm in cosmogenic nuclides and geomorphology).


The current position is one-year appointment but can be extended up to over 3 years, depending on annual evaluation.


For further details on salary and job specifications, please contact Dr. Seong ([hidden email]).

Dr. Yeong Bae Seong
Assistant Professor 
Department of Geography Education
Korea University
Anam-Dong, Seongbuk-Gu,
Seoul, 136-701, Korea
Tel:) (+82) 02-3290-2367
email: [hidden email]

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