Postdoctoral position in numerical modelling of the Antarctic Ice Sheet

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Postdoctoral position in numerical modelling of the Antarctic Ice Sheet

Michael J. Bentley

Postdoctoral position in numerical modelling of the Antarctic Ice Sheet

Dept of Geography, Durham University, UK


We are seeking to appoint a competent and enthusiastic individual who holds a PhD in either physics or geophysics, or with demonstrable numerical modelling expertise in a related field. The position will involve modelling the retreat of the Antarctic Ice Sheet in the Weddell Sea sector from its greatest size at the last glacial maximum, and running a higher resolution model of the Foundation Ice Stream, both using existing in-house code. These simulations will be constrained by a range of published and unpublished datasets of past ice sheet extent and thickness. These activities are aimed at understanding how the ice-sheet reacted to changing conditions, and in particular looking at the role of grounding line retreat in ice-sheet dynamics. You will perform simulations of the ice-sheet in the past, assist in the preparation of data sets for input to models, write papers and make presentations. This is a 2-year post and forms part of a larger NERC-funded project involving the Universities of Durham and Edinburgh, British Antarctic Survey, and Scottish Universities Environmental Research Centre that is seeking to understand the retreat history of the Antarctic Ice Sheet. The work will be based in Durham but involve periods of work at the British Antarctic Survey in Cambridge. The successful candidate will start as soon as possible after November 1st 2010.


Further details and application form are available via the University of Durham website:

Closing Date 6th October 2010.


Further enquiries can be made to:

Professor Mike Bentley [hidden email] +44-(0)191-334-1859

Dr Richard Hindmarsh (BAS) [hidden email] +44-(0)1223-221495

Dr Andreas Vieli [hidden email] +44-(0)191-334-1855.



Professor Mike Bentley

Department of Geography

Durham University

South Rd

Durham  DH1 3LE


t: +44 (0)191-334-1859

f: +44 (0)191-334-1801

e: [hidden email]




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