Postdoctoral position in permafrost hydrology

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Postdoctoral position in permafrost hydrology

Masaki Hayashi

Postdoctoral position in permafrost hydrology – University of Calgary, Canada


We are seeking a post-doctoral fellow (PDF) who can take a lead role in numerical modelling of the interaction of discontinuous permafrost with groundwater and surface water in northern Canada. This is part of a large, interdisciplinary research project on the eco-hydrological response of permafrost peatlands to climatic forcing and anthropogenic disturbances in the Taiga Plain in the Northwest Territories. The PDF will use two- or three-dimensional models of subsurface heat and water transfer to understand the interaction of groundwater with permafrost, and apply the results to the parameterization of watershed-scale hydrological models and investigate the potential causes of recent increase in stream flow in the Taiga Plain. Detailed information is available at:


Masaki Hayashi



Canada Research Chair in Physical Hydrology

Department of Geoscience

University of Calgary

Calgary, Alberta, T2N 1N4, Canada

Phone: (403)220-2794  Fax: (403)284-0074




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