Postdoctoral scientist in Arctic variability and predictability

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Postdoctoral scientist in Arctic variability and predictability

Ed Hawkins
Dear colleagues,

The Department of Meteorology at the University of Reading is advertising for a post-doctoral research scientist in Arctic climate. This is a fixed-term position for up to 3 years.

We are seeking to employ a talented researcher to study Arctic variability and predictability, with a focus on seasonal to decadal timescales. There is a growing need for seasonal-to-decadal timescale climate forecasts to help inform local communities and industry stakeholders. This project will seek to better understand the role of natural climate fluctuations in producing recent Arctic sea ice changes on these timescales, and whether they are predictable.

You will be responsible for: (i) analysing global climate simulations, observations & reanalyses to examine the physical mechanisms of Arctic sea ice & ocean variability, and (ii) designing, producing & analysing a large ensemble of simulations to estimate Arctic predictability as part of a wider European collaboration (APPLICATE). Effective collaboration with other members of the research team and APPLICATE ( partners will be required.

Further details:

Many thanks,

Dr Ed Hawkins

Professor of Climate Science, Dept. of Meteorology, Univ. of Reading
Principal Research Scientist, National Centre for Atmospheric Science

EMAIL:    [hidden email]
TWITTER:  @ed_hawkins

Dept. of Meteorology,     Phone: 0118 3787991
University of Reading,    Fax:   0118 3788316
READING. RG6 6BB. UK.     Room:  3L52

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