Postponed: Northeast Glaciology Meeting (Now 3-4 Sept 2020)

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Postponed: Northeast Glaciology Meeting (Now 3-4 Sept 2020)

Kristin Schild
Dear Cryolist,

Due to many campuses and government agencies being put on non-mission-critical travel holds, we are postponing the resuscitation of the Northeast Glaciology Meeting.

New Date: 3 - 4 September 2020 (Thursday/Friday)
Location: University of Maine (Orono, ME USA).

As always, all are welcome to this informal meeting- the format will likely follow that of prior years with a focus on student research, building collaborations and ideas, and discussing the future location(s) of the meeting. If you would like to continue receiving information on this event, please sign up at this link:



Kristin M. Schild, PhD
Research Assistant Professor, University of Maine
Climate Change Institute & School of Earth and Climate Sciences
UMaine Arctic, Coordinator

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