Pre-SCAR side meeting "Ice-sheet ocean interactions: observations and models"

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Pre-SCAR side meeting "Ice-sheet ocean interactions: observations and models"

Florence Colleoni
Dear all,

Paolo Stocchi and I would like to propose three main points (one hour discussion each) to be discussed during the workshop in Davos. The aim is not to got in depth into each of the topics but to raise some questions to be addressed in the near future:

[1] Deep past sea level reconstructions: the community needs better sea level reconstructions. In many papers the concept of deep past sea level is biased toward "Eustasy". Moreover, "eustasy" does not represent the same quantity from one paper to another. Depending on the location, "Eustasy" is a concept that may not exist and it has some really large impact on past sedimentological reconstructions and interpretation.

We propose to address the specific questions from both models and observations points of view:
- Do past sea level data represents global mean sea level or regional sea level? The concept of Eustasy or "non-Eustasy" in geological data
- Where to grab new past sea level data (sequential stratigraphy?) and how to interpret them?
- the role of GIA, sedimentological and climate models in those interpretations?

[2] From regional to pan-Antarctic deep past bathymetric/topographic reconstructions:
Many reconstruction of past bathymetry and subglacial bedrock are done on regional basis while ice sheet models need pan-Antarctic reconstructions. Given the importance of bedrock morphology on ice dynamics, we would like to address the specific questions:
- How to fill the spatial gaps between regional backstripped paleo-reconstructions?
- Should we adopt a defined strategy to then perform simulations on common basis?

[3] Past sub-shelf melt rates/ice shelves extent: this is a cross-over with many other workshops that will occur before and during the SCAR conference. And we could address the following questions:
- Can we validate current sub-shelf melt rates with existing geological data? (data to define the position of the various oceanic fronts, but also data to constrain the ambient temperature over continental shelves)
- Can we find paleo-evidence of bottom water overflows and CDW inflow across the continental shelf edge?

If you have some material to support this discussion, it would greatly help us.

See you soon!

Florence & Paolo

"Ice-sheet ocean interactions: observations and models" has been scheduled on

Monday 18th June
8-11 am
Studio A

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