Professor of Environmental Change at University of Portsmouth, UK

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Professor of Environmental Change at University of Portsmouth, UK

Clare Boston
Dear all,

The Department of Geography at University of Portsmouth wishes to appoint a Professor of Environmental Change, specialising in Quaternary and/or contemporary timescales. We are looking for a high-calibre scientist with a multi-disciplinary outlook who can lead our emerging research group. Expertise within this group currently includes glaciology and glacial geology, climate science, geochronology and palaeoecology.

The full job advert can be found at http://www.jobs.ac.uk/job/AYC456/professor-of-environmental-change/

For further information about this role, including a candidate pack and how to apply, please visit www.workforportsmouth.co.uk.

Kind regards,

Clare Boston


Dr Clare Boston
Department of Geography
University of Portsmouth
Buckingham Building
Lion Terrace
Portsmouth, PO1 3HE

Tel: 02392 842498
Webpage: http://www.port.ac.uk/department-of-geography/staff/clare-boston.html
Twitter: @ClareBoston

QRA Meetings Officer (www.qra.org.uk)


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