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Proposed usage guidelines for CRYOLIST

Todd Albert
  CRYOLIST Mailing
Guess what?

I may have the answers to all of your CRYOLIST dreams!

No, no, I am not going to disappear forever and never email you again.  Not that dream.

I would like to propose a new way to use the list.

As for most posts (announcements, inquiries, etc.), not much will change.  See here for my proposed guidelines: http://cryolist.org/posting/

The complaints that I hear most often, however, are in regards to discussions that take place on the list.  What I propose is that if we wish to discuss something (e.g. these proposed changes to CRYOLIST usage policy), the original poster initiates the topic by posting a message to the list.  All public responses to that posting then occur online at http://cryolist.org/discussion/  (If you prefer to make your comments private, email the original poster instead.)  Finally, the original poster will summarize the whole discussion in ONE SINGLE follow-up email to the list.

How does that sound?  Please post your thoughts at http://cryolist.org/discussion/ or email me directly.

I'll send ONE SINGLE follow-up summarizing your responses.

All my best,

Todd Albert, Ph.D.
Assistant Professor of Meteorology
Dept. of Agriculture, Geosciences, and Natural Resources
University of Tennessee at Martin
201-C Johnson EPS Building
Twitter: toddalbert

* Please do not print unless you really need to.

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Re: Proposed usage guidelines for CRYOLIST

Bill Locke
As someone who has lurked far more than participating, I have appreciated the list in its former form.  Yes - there have been some discussions that ran on longer than I might have wanted, but I always had the choice to simply delete those messages after a quick scan.  While the new format will keep my mailbox leaner and meaner, I will have to remember to choose to scan the discussions.  I suspect that I, for one, won't.
Todd - thanks for your efforts to keep the Cryolist relevant!