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Proposed usage guidelines for CRYOLIST

Todd Albert
  CRYOLIST Mailing
Guess what?

I may have the answers to all of your CRYOLIST dreams!

No, no, I am not going to disappear forever and never email you again.  Not that dream.

I would like to propose a new way to use the list.

As for most posts (announcements, inquiries, etc.), not much will change.  See here for my proposed guidelines:

The complaints that I hear most often, however, are in regards to discussions that take place on the list.  What I propose is that if we wish to discuss something (e.g. these proposed changes to CRYOLIST usage policy), the original poster initiates the topic by posting a message to the list.  All public responses to that posting then occur online at  (If you prefer to make your comments private, email the original poster instead.)  Finally, the original poster will summarize the whole discussion in ONE SINGLE follow-up email to the list.

How does that sound?  Please post your thoughts at or email me directly.

I'll send ONE SINGLE follow-up summarizing your responses.

All my best,

Todd Albert, Ph.D.
Assistant Professor of Meteorology
Dept. of Agriculture, Geosciences, and Natural Resources
University of Tennessee at Martin
201-C Johnson EPS Building
Twitter: toddalbert

* Please do not print unless you really need to.

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Re: Proposed usage guidelines for CRYOLIST

Bill Locke
As someone who has lurked far more than participating, I have appreciated the list in its former form.  Yes - there have been some discussions that ran on longer than I might have wanted, but I always had the choice to simply delete those messages after a quick scan.  While the new format will keep my mailbox leaner and meaner, I will have to remember to choose to scan the discussions.  I suspect that I, for one, won't.
Todd - thanks for your efforts to keep the Cryolist relevant!