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QGreenland newsletter & request for input

Twila Moon-3
QGreenland is an NSF EarthCube-funded project to create a curated and interdisciplinary Greenland GIS environment for use with QGIS. Our second quarterly newsletter it out, and you are invited to read it here.

We want to highlight that we are now conducting a beta review to inform the release of a stable QGreenland version 1.0. Community input is incredibly helpful. Please consider downloading QGreenland beta 0.35.0 and responding with your thoughts on: What needs to be done before the release of version 1.0? What should be improved from the current beta version?

We are excited to hear from you and always available at [hidden email].

Thank you so much,
QGreenland Team
Twila Moon, PhD
National Snow and Ice Data Center
University of Colorado

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