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Quantarctica 3 Released - Download Now

George Roth

Website: http://quantarctica.npolar.no/

Download: http://quantarctica.npolar.no/downloads/

Data Catalog http://quantarctica.npolar.no/data-catalog

NPI news: http://www.npolar.no/en/news/2018/02-06-relansering-av-Quantarctica.html



Dear Colleagues,


The Norwegian Polar Institute is proud to announce the release of Quantarctica 3, the latest version of its free, cross-platform compilation of GIS software and high-quality Antarctic scientific data.


Quantarctica 3 is the result of a two-year dedicated development effort. Thanks to the work of the Quantarctica Project Team and Editorial Board, this version is Quantarctica's biggest release yet, adding:


-Eight new themes with over 50 new datasets in over 100 new layers: Atmospheric Science, Biology, Environmental Management, Geology, Ice Cores, Oceanography, Sea Ice, and Social Science

-New additions and updates to the pre-existing Geophysics and Glaciology categories

-The Quantarctica Data Catalog (http://quantarctica.npolar.no/data-catalog), where you can view preview images, metadata, and citation information for every dataset

-Northward expansion of Quantarctica's project boundary to 40°S, including subantarctic islands

-Improved and expanded basemap, terrain, and satellite imagery layers

-Updates, resolution improvements, and stability enhancements to datasets from v1 and v2

-New features in QGIS and significant enhancements to project stability, speed, and usability


We'd also like to highlight the following new datasets for the cryosphere community:

-Surface air temperature, precipitation, wind speed, firn density, and more RACMO Model output

-Pan-Antarctic ice core database compiled from ITASE and other sources

-The latest versions of the MEaSUREs ice flow speeds and ice drainage boundaries

-Summer and winter sea ice concentration and extent measurements from 2007-2017

-Summer and winter climatology for ocean properties (t, s, nutrients) at 0, 50, 200, and 500m depths


Visit http://quantarctica.npolar.no/ to download the latest version. As always, if you have any questions, comments, bug reports, or cool maps, send us an email at [hidden email].


Quantarctica is made for and by the Antarctic community - we could not have created this new version without you. We look forward to seeing Quantarctica in use on the ice and in many figures in the years to come!


Happy Mapping,

The Quantarctica Project Team

George Roth

Anders Skoglund

Kenichi Matsuoka

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