Quantarctica User Workshop at EGU2017

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Quantarctica User Workshop at EGU2017

George Roth

Dear colleagues,


The Norwegian Polar Institute is offering a workshop/short course for Quantarctica (http://quantarctica.npolar.no/), a free GIS/mapping package for the Antarctic community, at the upcoming EGU 2017 conference in Vienna, Austria, co-organized with the EGU Cryosphere Division. The workshop is open to all interested EGU 2017 attendees.


SC32/CR6.15  Quantarctica User Workshop

Mon, 24 Apr, 13:30–15:00 / Room -2.31

Registration survey (required): https://tinyurl.com/quantarcticaegu


We’ll be using a case study approach, leading attendees through the process of importing real Antarctic field data, analyzing it and deriving new information and insights with Quantarctica’s included data package, and producing a publication-quality figure or map. To take full advantage of this approach, we encourage attendees to have an understanding of basic GIS skills and concepts.


Please email me directly if you have any questions or concerns about the User Workshop or any other Quantarctica topics. We also encourage you to share this announcement with your Antarctic colleagues outside the cryosphere community. The Quantarctica project strongly supports attendance by students and early-career researchers – by far our most numerous and enthusiastic users!


More information about Quantarctica and the User Workshop at EGU 2017 can be found in a recent article on the EGU Cryosphere Blog:



Happy mapping,


George Roth, Anders Skoglund, and Kenny Matsuoka

Quantarctica Project Team

Norwegian Polar Institute

[hidden email]


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