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Quaternary Research Association Postgraduate Symposium


To whom it may concern,

Please could you forward the following to relevant postgraduate students:


The 16th Quaternary Research Association Postgraduate Symposium will be held at the Department of Geography, Durham University, from 30th August - 1st September 2011. The conference provides an opportunity for postgraduates to present their research and meet others in the field of Quaternary science in a relaxed and friendly environment.

Full details can be found at MailScanner has detected a possible fraud attempt from "exdurf.dur.ac.uk" claiming to be http://www.dur.ac.uk/qrapg2011/


The conference will be structured around four main themes: palaeoglaciology, sea-level change, palaeoclimatology and geoarchaeology/landscape evolution. Registration and abstract submission are now open and will close on Friday 5th August.


Conference organisers:

Vicky Brown [hidden email]
Ed Garrett [hidden email]

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