Questionnaire User Requirements for Glacier_CCI

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Questionnaire User Requirements for Glacier_CCI

Tobias Bolch
Dear all,

Please apologize for cross-posting!

In the framework of the recently started ESA project Glaciers_cci within
the ESA Climate Change Initiative
(, user requirements are of
outermost importance to set-up the project and work towards the needs of
the community. To get a most recent feedback on these data needs and
maybe also the ongoing work, we would highly appreciate when you can
give us a short feedback on the three questions listed below. A major
aim of the project is to map glaciers and icecaps from satellite data
(mostly Landsat) to further complete the global glacier inventory and
contribute the outlines and inventory data to the GLIMS glacier
database. For this purpose we have prepared a draft list of key regions
that should be updated. The project does further derive glacier
elevation changes and velocity fields from repeat satellite data (using
altimetry/DEM differencing and optical/microwave sensors) with target
regions or time periods yet to be defined. To better serve the
glaciological community in this regard, we would like to ask you to give
us feedback (per email to [hidden email]) on your regions and
time periods of interest for such products. We will prepare a project
webpage to keep you updated about the progress of the work and to
consider future feedback. A reply before January 28 would be highly

Please do not hesitate to contact us when you have any further questions!

With many thanks for your feedback and best regards,

Frank and Tobias

Q1. For which geographical regions (globally) would
production/availability of the following products be most important in
your view:
a) glacier inventory data (outlines with topographic attributes)?
b) elevation changes (either from altimetry or DEM differencing)?
c) velocity fields (either from optical or microwave data)?

Q2. What is your prefered acquisition date / time period / interval for
the three products
a) glacier inventory data (date)?
b) elevation changes (time period)?
c) velocity fields (interval)?

Q3. To avoid overlap with ongoing glacier inventory work that is not yet
visible in the GLIMS database but might be submitted to GLIMS in 2011,
we would like to know, which regions you are currently analysing
(country, mountain range, Landsat path-row and date)?

Dr. Tobias Bolch
Geographisches Institut/Department of Geography
Universit├Ąt Z├╝rich/University of Zurich
Winterthurer Str. 190
CH-8057 Zuerich
Tel. +41 44 635 5236
[hidden email]
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