REMINDER: IASC Workshop on the use of automated measuring systems on glaciers

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REMINDER: IASC Workshop on the use of automated measuring systems on glaciers

Tijm-Reijmer, C.H.
Dear Colleagues, 

Here a reminder that you can still register for the  'Workshop on the use of automated 
measuring systems on glaciers' in Pontresina, Switzerland.  

A few important dates and information:
- Meeting dates: 23-26 March 2011, Pontresina Switzerland
- Deadline requests for travel support: 1 february 2011
- Deadline registration 21 February 2011

More detailed information is given below and can also be found on the meeting website: 


With best regards, 
Carleen Tijm-Reijmer 
Hans Oerlemans 

The meeting will take place in the Rondo convention centre in Pontresina, 
and will take four days, from 23 to 26 March 2011. During these four days 
the first three days are available for presentations and discussions. On the last day 
(when weather permits) an excursion will be organized to the automatic weather station 
operated by IMAU on the Morteratschgletscher. Details about the excursion will be 
supplied later to those that have registered.
For those that plan to combine this workshop with holidays: there is an excellent 
rental service in Pontresina, also for all kinds of mountaineering equipment.

If you plan to come please let us know by sending us an email. Note that there will be a 
small registration fee. If you also like to give a presentation please inform us as soon as 
possible by emailing the title and the name of the presenter to us. The deadline for this 
is 21 February 2011.
For your presentations there will be a power point projector available. 
We use Apple MacBook. Each presentation is 15 minutes of which the last 5 are for questions. 
Poster boards will be available for those who wish to bring posters. 

When deciding on your subject of presentation remember the purpose of this workshop, 
which is first of all an exchange of information. Running automated systems on glaciers 
has many typical problems (logistics, power supply, bad weather, unstable surface, tourists, etc.), 
and it can be very helpful to hear from others how these problems have been solved (or not).
The idea is to make relatively short presentations on the equipment and how it is used - 
not scientific presentations on research work done with the data. So data can be discussed, but 
more to illustrate the possibilities or the problems.

The financial management of this workshop is kept as simple as possible. There will be a small 
registration fee to cover the costs of coffee and thee during the breaks (to be paid in cash at 
registration on site). There is a small budget available for travel support for young scientists, if you are 
interested in applying please contact us. The deadline for requesting travel support is 1 February 
2011. The small budget available for this workshop will be used for hiring the conference facility, 
covering some adminstrative costs, and printing of the (extended) abstracts. All other costs such 
as lunch, diner, lodging etc. is at the expense of the individual participant.

Our intention is to summarize the workshop in a book of extended abstracts. 
The extended abstracts will not undergo any review. The deadline for the extended
abstracts will be announced later. The extended abstract may contain about 2 (color) figures. 
Please send us the text as a word document (keep lay-out to a minimum; it will be adjusted) 
and the figures separately in jpg-format. (see for an example, the book of extended abstracts 
of a similar meeting in 2004, 

We do NOT make travel or lodging arrangements for participants.
There are several good hotels in the town of Pontresina. We recommend to make your reservations in time. 
March is a popular time to go skying in the Engadin.
We recommend the following hotels:
* Youth Hostel, located close to the train station just outside the village (10 min. walk).
email: [hidden email]  /  phone: +41 (0)81 8427223 (
* Hotel Engadiner Hof, located in the centre of Pontresina, close to the conference centre. (
* Pontresina Sporthotel, located in the centre of Pontresina, close to the conference centre.
This hotel has cheap simple rooms, but also more luxuous rooms.(
* Hotel Station, next to the youth hostel. (
There are plenty of other hotels in Pontresina, see website of Pontresina (

Pontresina is easily accessible by public transport.
People traveling by train can find schedules on:
People travelling by plane can best fly to Zurich and then take a train to Pontresina.

Dr. C.H. Tijm-Reijmer

Utrecht University
Institute for Marine and Atmospheric Research (IMAU)

Visiting address:
Princetonplein 5,  3584 CC Utrecht, The Netherlands

Correspondence address:
PO Box 80 005, 3508 TA Utrecht, The Netherlands

Tel.: +31 30 253 3167
Fax: +31 30 254 3163

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