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Re: AGU 2018 Session -- ED029 Developing computational thinking skills with MATLAB

Dylan Mikesell
Dear Colleagues,

We invite abstract submissions to the following education session at the AGU 2018 Fall Meeting in Washington DC. The deadline for all submissions is Wednesday, 1 August 23:59 EDT. Abstracts will not be accepted for review after this date.

Session ID: 48346 
Session Title: ED029. Developing computational thinking skills with MATLAB 

Session Description: This session brings Geoscience instructors together in one place to share our stories of success and failure. Are you working to develop your student’s computational thinking skills and abilities? Is your department working to improve the quantitative skills of your students through coding? Do you use MATLAB in your course? If you answered yes to any of these, please join us in this education-focused session. We want to hear from you. What is working? What did not work? What would make teaching computational thinking with MATLAB easier? Do you have innovative new strategies you want to share? This session will provide a forum for the cross pollination of ideas related to teaching undergraduates and graduates the computational skills they need to be competitive in today’s technology-driven workforce. Even if you are not using MATLAB, please join us if you have experiences to share about teaching computational thinking.

Session Format: The session will be an eLightning session. eLightning sessions will be held in a dedicated area in the convention center with touchscreen monitors, hard-line internet, dedicated power, and dedicated technical assistance personnel. Presentations will be created through a specific software AGU is contracting with to help run the technical aspects of these sessions/presentations. The session format at the meeting will consist of two parts. The first part will be 3-minute lightning presentation for each presenter followed by group discussion or general Q&A. The second part will be time for individual presenters to hold more in-depth discussions with attendees at their assigned touchscreen monitor. New this year: there is no additional fee to submit an abstract to an eLightning session.

Check out the Fall Meeting website and view the links below to see more information on this session format and presentation style:
2017 Fall Meeting eLightning Virtual Library 
Example eLightning Presentation

See you at AGU!

Dylan Mikesell
Charly Bank
Jackie Caplan-Auerbach
Andy Fischer

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