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Re: Lidar on snow/ice at 1.57 micrometer (Etienne Berthier)

Alexander Prokop

Dear Etienne,

we used once (for comparison) a Riegl LMS-z420 (1500 nm) terrestrial laser scanner to measure spring snow (large crystals and wet snow) with no success (no signals were received). I have seen data from newer models where it was possible to scan dry snow, however due to the low reflectance of snow at this wavelength a better choice would be a scanner having a wavelength of e.g. 900 nm (but you know that already). In any case your possibilities measuring snow at 1500 nm are very reduced (low incident angle, large crystals, wet snow..., but if the choice is already made for other reasons, you can still check the data. For further information: Prokop, A. (2008): Assessing the applicability of terrestrial laser scanning for spatial snow depth measurements. COLD REG SCI TECHNOL. 2008; 54(3): 155-163.

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