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Re: Uncovering the Continent session at ISAES XI in Edinburgh 10-16 July 2011

Vaughan, Alan P.M.
Apologies for multiple/cross-postings, but just a quick reminder that that the abstract submission deadline is rapidly approaching for the following session at ISAES XI in Edinburgh 10-16 July 2011:

28. Uncovering the continent  (

Convenor: Alan Vaughan

Although 1/9 of the Earth's continental area, most of Antarctica is hidden beneath the ice. The age and history of much of Antarctic lithosphere, and even how many tectonic plates make it up, are questions that remain unanswered. The geological and physical properties of its buried foundation are largely unknown. However, new and fundamental insights are coming from recent investigations of the Gamburtsev Mountains, the West Antarctic Rift System, the many sedimentary basins in East Antarctica, the Precambrian suture lines that stitch the continent together, the sub-ice topography, and continental heatflow. We still need a better geological and geophysical understanding of Antarctica to answer questions of the topographic and geological control on ice sheet evolution and the earliest history of the Antarctic ice sheets. To do this, a range of scientific methodologies are being applied to peer beneath the ice, including satellite and airborne geophysics, spectral analysis and
 altimetry, heatflow and detrital mineral studies. This session proposal seeks to invite submissions on all aspects of the sub-ice geological and physical properties of Antarctica.

Funding support is available for early career scientists 

The deadline for abstract submissions is 31 March 2011, and you can submit an abstract and/or register for the meeting at: 

You can browse through all the sessions at: 

Please don't hesitate to contact me if you have any queries

Dr. Alan P.M. Vaughan
Workpackage Manager Continental Interiors
(Earth Sciences editor - Antarctic Science)
Environmental Change and Evolution
British Antarctic Survey
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