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Re: timelapse camera for cold regions? (Hugues Lantuit)

Brad Danielson
Dear Hugues,

I can offer one more suggestion that fits your description of "self-contained device" time-lapse camera. 
You can take a look at the Moultrie line of cameras.  I suspect these will be very similar to the Bushnell Trophy Cam, but it might be worth comparing the specs in detail.
The specific model we are planning to use is this:

It is an 8Mp camera, and claims to be capable of HD-video playback. 
One nice feature of these cameras: you can purchase an optional battery pack + solar panel unit.
Thus far we have no experience with these in the field, but plan to deploy ~10 this April & May at our field site. Based on tinkering with them in the office for the past couple weeks, I can say that they are very easy to use.  Setup and deployment is quite simple.

However, like the Bushnell, I suspect it will not have the image quality of the GoPro.  The GoPro has a more sophisticated lens and higher resolution.

Something to consider:  Since the GoPro charges it's internal battery via USB, it's conceivable that you could rig up an external power supply.  (Battery -> 5VDC regulator -> USB cable -> camera)

Brad Danielson
Department of Earth and Atmospheric Sciences
University of Alberta
Edmonton, AB, CAN
T6G 2E3

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